Redemptive News

We are the much loved children of a Heavenly Father who sought us and found us through His Son Jesus. And so we make much of Jesus. We understand our position in grace, by the saving work of Jesus at the cross, and our desperate need of salvation. This reality anchors us. We were a mess when He found us, lost and mired in sin. So we love Him, all the more because He loved us first. This Gospel is good news, worth talking about. It is the redeeming of all things; the lost are found, the happy message proclaimed, the captives set free, the oppressed defended, and the broken made beautiful.

We expect to see our community grow as lost people find hope in Jesus.

The Gospel Is Encounter

We are a community who desire to powerfully experience the presence of God in our lives.
We have met the Living God in the person of Jesus. This changed us and continues to change us. We believe that this is all about what God is doing. We can’t do any of this without a work of His Spirit, so we won’t. It’s in His presence, learning to listen, and rooted in His Word, where we are made beautiful. And we are passionate about sharing this incredible news of redemption for every willing heart.

The Gospel Is For Everyone

We are a community of little children and gray haired seniors, zealous youth and tired parents.
We see men and women, married and single, and every demographic and ethnicity using their God-given gifts in every area of Christian life. We welcome anyone and everyone to join us in our gatherings and on the journey. We love seeing generations doing life together, not so much apart. Sometimes, this is louder and more distracting, but we believe more valuable. 

Relational Journey

The Spirit leads us on a beautiful journey. He awakens us to salvation in Christ, and then leads us to becoming whole.  We are led as an expressive and relational community who practice and encourage emotional health. As a gathered people, we see Spirit evidence in our demonstrative worship, powerful prayer, and engaging and applicable teaching from Scripture. We value listening and being directed by the voice of the Holy Spirit, discerned and filtered through Scripture and the community of believers.

We expect to see our community thrive as we learn to follow.


We are a community learning to know and care about one another. 
We place importance on gathering together midweek to build the caring community we envision. We want to know each other’s needs so we can help to meet them. Because we value loving and honest communication, a lot gets said in love. We do discipline in love. We do prophetic words in love. And we are learning to value healthy conflict. We think knowing and being known is beautiful. We understand people are busy, so we’d rather invite you into meaningful relationships, than fill your time with more programs.

Creative Journey

We are a community that wants to encourage God-image creativity. When we engage in creativity, whether a painting or piece of furniture, whether a dance or an administrative solution, we experience the beauty of our Creator. We believe this is also an integral part of the healing journey and prophetic expression, in our gatherings and also in life. We love the power of the creative arts to access and speak to the heart. We desire to see God-image reflection creativity released in every human soul to make beautiful the world, to His glory. 


Outward Mission

The Church was given a mission to go out and proclaim the Father’s lavish love to the world. So we are focused on doing this by using our gifts to live like Him in loving people. We believe this happens when we disperse from our gatherings to go out to be with people where they are and join in opportunities to make God's incredible love known. When Christians begin to go with Jesus into their neighbourhoods, schools, and jobs, we believe people will come to know Him. We want to see our city, our country and the world being renewed because of Him. 

We expect to see our community find purpose as we share God's love.

The City

We are people who participate in their local community.
We live here. Maple Ridge or Pitt Meadows is our home. We are awesome soccer coaches, political figures, PAC members, community volunteers and parade officials. Our community groups hold block parties and serve in soup kitchens. You’ll find us where the people are, working to meet practical needs. We network business people and support initiatives that move our city toward the picture of renewal, peace and prosperity, which we’re praying for. 

THe Kingdom

We aren’t satisfied with a little.
We were birthed out of Maple Ridge Community Church because leaders cared more about this city being transformed than creating ‘no compete clauses’.  We share this Kingdom DNA to impact this city for Jesus, one neighborhood at a time. So we’ll plant pregnant with the hope of seeing this city and nation transformed by a host of gospel centered, Spirit led, mission focused churches. And we pray and partner with other church communities in Maple Ridge and the world to see the Kingdom of heaven come here.