We don’t think you can.

People commute for all sorts of reasons.
Work, school, sports… we just don’t think church should be in that list.
So we started a church in Maple Ridge so that we wouldn’t have to commute to community.
For one, it doesn’t really work
and for two, we have a vision for city transformation that involves connection here,

where we live.



To find out what we’re like, you’ll just have to come see. Join us on a Sunday morning as we gather to worship at Maple Ridge Secondary School.


Small Groups

We know getting to know each other will take more than waves and smiles. It will mean doing life together and the best way for this to happen is small groups. We meet on all sorts of days and times, in different neighbourhoods to do just that.

Eat. Talk. Pray.



If all this was just about us, it would seem kind of lame. We’re on a mission to show God’s love to the world. So we serve our city, in the places God has put us, as well as in the Church. Caring for one another has never been so fun!