Here in Jubilee, we understand that missions is something we're all a part of. We are all on mission every day, in our neighbourhoods, schools, jobs, and areas of influence. Having said that, we also recognize certain people are called to a life of mission in a way that requires the support of the church community. Some of these people are working close to home and some are far away. 

Dennis Hemminger - Youth Unlimited Maple Ridge

Dennis has been working with youth forever (or it seems that way). This doesn't make him old (certainly not old at heart) but he is a passionate, experienced and gifted youth worker. Dennis has been a part of Jubilee since we launched but he's been serving with Youth Unlimited to reach young people in Maple Ridge with the good news of Jesus. He works as the area director and leads a stellar team of mission minded people in their desire to make an impact in the community. He is married to the beautiful Gail and has two grown daughters. Jubilee supports Dennis in prayer.

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