Purpose is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s needs.
— Frederick Buechner

Here at Jubilee, we believe that our 'Christian' service can look lots of ways. You serve your family, you serve in your job, you serve your city. But wherever you're doing this 'thing-you-were-meant-to-do', it's an important part of our Christian life. That's like the picture in the Bible of a body functioning because we're all doing the things we were made to do, or finding out what that is. So, not just any stuff, but life-giving, on-mission, makes-me-pleased-as-punch type stuff.

Here are a few ideas:   

Breakfast Club

MRSS is our school. We meet in their cafeteria. We gather in the neighbourhood. So we see this as our mission-field. So when youth come early to school for breakfast on Thursdays, we'll be there to meet them. Love in action. 

We're partnering with Youth Unlimited and Thursdays is our Jubilee day. If you're interested in helping out serving breakfast from 7am to 8:45am to hungry youth, contact Dennis

Feed the Hungry

We know homelessness is a complicated issue, and pretty loaded in Maple Ridge. So we're not making a political statement or offering a silver bullet when we say we want to just feed the hungry. 

We're feeding hungry people at the Anita Place Homeless camp on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Connect with Dennis to find out how you can help with cooking or delivering food for our hungry neighbours. 

Refugee Family 


We think helping hurting needy people is part of the mandate for every Christian. So we're helping two refugee families make their way to Canada. We've joined a few other churches to help in the process to bring over and settle these two special families. All sorts of help is needed - from finances to time to acts of service. From little to big ways, you can help out. 

Find out how you can help at mrpmrefugee.com

Sunday Service Teams

  • Setup Team
    This team is all about behind the scenes invisible but essential work. Muscular limbs or muscular will power are an asset to moving chairs and tables. Or perhaps you'd like to setup smaller things, like communion elements or kids church bins. Any way you slice it, if you like setting things up, we could use you! Contact Jaden here.

  • Hospitality Team
    Let's be honest, we want good coffee! This team is all about coffee... and other goodies that make connecting just that much more fun. Hospitality includes anything that we can collectively think of that would be welcoming and taste good to make glad the heart (and better conversation). We also love greeting people as they come and making them feel welcome, just like we'd do at home. Contact Taryn here

  • Connect Team
    Everyone wants to be known. Someone to meet you and remember your name. This team is about finding guests and connecting them into relationship and the life of the church family. Not to mention answering questions! Contact Dennis here

  • Jubilee Kids Team
    We have a terrific kids program which we've spent a lot of time and energy creating and planning. If you love kids and have a heart to serve in this area, we'd love to talk to you. Everyone who works with our kids is background checked and known to our community leadership. Contact Becca here.

  • Prayer Ministry Team
    Everyone is encouraged to pray, so we understand this team isn't a prayer club for the uber-spiritual. We believe an important part of gathering is having opportunity to pray for one another. This means that on any given Sunday, there are some assigned people willing and available to pray with those who have needs. We'll be encouraging our prayer team members with training and support. Contact Brian or Della here.

  • Audio-Visual Team
    At a gathering, we need to be able to focus on what's important. Sound and visual are the kind of thing you don't want to notice because usually then something's going wrong. We're praying for a team of experienced or teachable tech savvy individuals who'd like to help enhance our Sunday Gathering experience. From setting up and running sound to helping with the projection system for music lyrics and sermon slides, we could use you! Contact Paul here

  • Worship Team
    We love to worship! We do this in our whole lives in all sorts of ways, and on Sunday morning - in singing! We have a music team of passionate worshipers who lead us into lifting up the name of Jesus. Our worship team members audition to ensure their skill level meets heart desire for the corporate leading of worship. Everyone who serves on our worship team has been around for a while and is known to our community leadership. Contact Ben here

Contact us here for information or to sign up! 
Thanks for your interest! We believe there is a lot of blessing in serving!