High school is a special time in the life of every person... ok who are we kidding? Usually it's pretty rough and confusing and we look back on it with a sense of relief it's over. But we also know it's a pretty formative time when our identity is shaped and we work at answering some major life questions. 


So we think getting this age group together and addressing the spiritual needs of our youth are pretty important. We joined up in collaboration with our mother church (Maple Ridge Community Church) to make sure our youth have somewhere to go where they can be encouraged on their journey with Jesus alongside other people going through the same stuff they are. We're learning to follow Jesus together!

If you're between grade 8 and 12 we'd love for you to join us! 

Youth Night:  Thursday Evenings

@ the Box (the Maple Ridge Community Church youth room)
located behind their church building. 

Youth Activity Night: One Friday a month

Once a month, we do something crazy! Ok, not too crazy... but fun! Get on the email list to find out what, when, and where we're doing our Friday Fun Activity!

Any questions?
Email us or call the office! 
Or connect to our youth group on the City!